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La Scoala Online, nu am dorit sa lasam deoparte arta. Va propunem o galerie de arta moderna. Arta contemporana este puternic influentata de elemente non-conformiste si se bucura din plin de libertatea de exprimare.


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Poezii de la "Britney Williams"

Iti Aduci Aminte
16 Iulie 2006

Iti aduci aminte...
De acele momente nesfarsite,
Care totusi au plecat...
Lasand amar de neuitat.

Iti aduci aminte...
De acea suflare,
Ce-a impins suflete...
Intr-o dureroasa suspinare.

Iti aduci aminte... totusi,
De acele usi,
Care au ramas deschise... iar,
Au ramas in taina... un dar.

Iti aduci aminte...
Unirea boltei cerului cu lacul,
Sub privirea lunii adormite...
Portile deschizandu-se, vazandu-se Raiul.

Iti aduci aminte...
Cate sunt de spus,
Dar aceste cuvinte...
Nu pot da raspuns.

Iau cuvintele... si le inchid...
Intr-un negru de neatins,
Incet plecand si totusi rapid...
Inspre un spatiu invins.


A Whisper of a Breeze
August 26th 2006

A whisper of a breeze...
I heard saying...
Once it will ease,
And I will stop hurting.

A whisper of a breeze,
Once again...
Told me time would never freeze,
Never in the now or then.

A whisper of a breeze,
Told me...
I would once be released...
Wonder when it will be...

A whisper of a breeze,
Told me you're okay...
I know it was a tease,
And you couldn't stay.

A whisper of a breeze,
Where are you?
I start to wheeze,
Smothered of missing you.

A whisper of a breeze,
Your voice once and last,
Singing with the angels,
A song gone so fast...


The Collective Voice
December 26th 2005

I take the air in my lungs,
As a child gasps for breath when running,
I try to speak, to mouthe these words,
But no such are to be heard.

And I breathe on the glass,
With no sound of my own,
Through the screeching collective voice,
And I reach out, but the glass closes my way.

I lie watching helplessly,
And I search through this bigoted land,
Through all the egotism, for the intellectual,
Where such may still be found.


The Sour Tears Of Pain
November 17th 2005

The sour tears of pain scar my skin,
As pain flows in me, flooding me within;
Hate's din makes things hard to hear,
Unable to hear the sound of my screaming tear;
The din becoming like a screeching fire,
While I drown in my tears, the tears of a liar.

The sour tears of an evil liar - me,
Scar the hearts of innocent, unforgetably;
Tears of sorrow come along,
But too late, for all are gone;
The din still screaming, hate burns it's way out,
Nothing left... but the world of a liar; full, of doubt.

"Don't lie", she whispers,
Beneath the screaming tears;
The whisper being the only sound heard,
As she walks firmly, foreward;
"I shall not lie, for I do not wish to forget who I am,
I shall face my fears and spread away the truth"
She whispers - again,
"Until the everlasting forever,
That shall soon, end."


June 19th 2006

Time flies so fast, sometimes,
As if moments were simple pages of a book...
Which you turn so fast at times,
That you can't remember at what you looked.

Yet, you know the story though,
As if you have never read it;
And it keeps on its flow,
Again, till' you are hit.

And say again:
"Where am I?"
And it is the time when,
You start to cry.

Life is such a short gift,
And you only realise that...
When you are lift,
To Heaven and sat,
In your new home.


Paradox II
April 13th 2006

I'm not allowed to cry,
I'm not allowed to scream;
My mind is spinning round and round,
In a disastrous frightening dream.
I cannot escape,
And my heart is held at worst;
For this is the destiny,
To which I am condemned and cursed.
I'm not allowed out,
And I cannot stay in;
For its tearing me apart,
And also within.
I'm not allowed run,
I'm not allowed sleep;
I cannot do anything,
But am forced to stay with this creep.
I'm not allowed to feel, in the end,
But just stay as a cold rock;
I'm in a sea of despair,
Caught on a evil dock.
It tears my soul, piece by piece,
And leaves me nothing...
With no sense to live, I still have to,
And I'm forced to hearing...
All these voices...
And there's nothing I can do;
But sit and watch a nightmare,
That will never leave me... nor you.



January 23rd 2006

You made my wings grow,
When they were torn down;
You made me know,
That love, I have found.

You made me smile,
When I felt sad;
You was with me, while,
Things went bad.

You sang for me, sweet lullabies,
When I couldn't sleep;
I'd just look in your eyes,
And know the true feeling from within deep.

You kissed my tears away,
When I would cry;
You made me want to live on a new way,
When I wished to die.

You gave me love, peace, joy, hope and my entire life,
When I had, nothing... left;
You ended my whole strife,
In which I tried to regain myself from my theft.

You became me,
The day I saw you;
There was no more "me" to be, once again,
It was only us, since life even began.



The Window To More
July 16th 2006

I stood looking out the window,
Watching the sunset...
I watched the path that was so shallow,
As the angels took the souls of this day to rest.

I listened to your voice as you sang,
And shed my tears;
Memories in my head rang,
Of joy and fears...

I watched your star shine first upon the sky,
And as the rest appeared around you...
I smiled... and started to cry...
Wondering what I would do.

I remembered that look in your eyes,
And how it had captured me the first moment;
So clear... so loving.. they rised...
And told me that you loved me... I knew what they meant.

I reached out to your star,yes, I cried...
Touching and holding it only with my sight;
Dreaming... wondering... I lied,
And let you shine upon me your starlight.

I sent you a kiss to the skies, up above,
Asking God and His angels to take care of you...
I knew it was more than love...
And now I know... what true love does, too.

I said "I love you," after a long gazing at the sky...
And I closed the window, crying... still,
Not wanting to say anything as "good-bye,"
But yet... yet... all is against my will.



September 19th 2005

Love can be a tricky game, or sometimes unite two,
It can be something that both can share, or it can disappear just like that, with no clue;
It can mean two hearts, two souls, two lives, mold into one,
Or it can mean a feeling like any other; that was, and suddenly, is gone;
Love can mean affection, trust, two people but yet, are just one,
But what I feel, is not love, for it goes beyond;
Love is just a word, with a strong meaning,
But there is an unexplainable feeling;
I share that feeling with Cheyenne Morning Star,
No matter the distance, no matter how far;
For she is not far, she is here with me, in my heart,
I am the most honoured, because of my life, she takes part;
It's not puppy love, as most think,
That it is here, and in short time, it will sink;
People judge, without to know,
Not knowing, behind appearences, what we have to show;
When we go through hard moments, our love grows stronger, not weak,
As we pass it, together, this pain which kept to flow, like a creek;
Hand in hand, together, we go through this game called life,
Together, being one, is what love is all about, am I not right?


In Your Eyes
April 23rd 2006

When I walk into your eyes,
I finally see what is within deep;
It takes me time though to realise,
It is all for me.

In your eyes, I see the world,
Which is actually, you and me;
For you are my forever girl,
The one that made love be.

I cannot tell you how much it means,
To my little heart... though;
I think you already figured the unseens,
Of my heart... and you surely know.

It takes me time to see,
But you help me and give your best;
It means lots to me,
For you give me some rest.

In your eyes, I'll always gaze,
If hell freezes, so it be;
For others, your soul may be a maze,
When I look though, it's your home with me.



If I Should
July 5th 2006

If I should take life as a piece,
Comparing it to what I feel;
It would bring me peace,
For I'd know that our love is real.

If I should take you to our meadow,
And place you on the sweet tender flowers;
I'd look in your eyes, just like a window...
To a soul, I'd stare for it for hours.

If I should make a thousand miles walking,
I'd walk it all for you, my forever girl;
For if it wasn't love making,
It wouldn't be for the world.

If I should place your hand upon my heart,
I'd tell you to listen to its singing;
For it is that part,
That makes me stronger in loving.

If I should take you to a place very dear,
I'd take you to our very heart;
For one beating wouldn't be mere,
Just a little small part.



Britney Williams


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